Propane Smoker – Great Advantages for A Barbecue Home Cook

Quality time with family and friends will be the most valuable memories for everyone. And no one can deny the joy of a nice outdoor barbecue party: delicious hot grills, cheery laughter, and bright smiles. Do not let a poorly chosen BBQ device ruin your perfect moment with any unexpected incidents. A propane smoker (also gas smoker) is highly recommended to ensure your party goes smoothly for several good traits.

The best propane smoker for the money is which most suits your needs. But for sure, this is the easiest way to get a nice BBQ flavor for home cooks of any level. It is also healthier for both your health and the environment. What else makes propane smoker a great assistant to any BBQ home cooks?

1. Suitable for Home Cooks of Any Level

Propane smoker is widely known for easy assembly and friendly use. Its simple construction takes little effort to put together following instructions in the come-along manual. You can easily find several clear tutorial videos on the internet for more experience. Most propane smokers have a gas burner at the bottom which is connected to the propane tank, sometimes to a gas line. There is a tray to place wood chunks or chips. Above the tray is the water pan to ensure enough moisture during long cooks. Racks are for placing foods. And on top of the smoking chamber is chimney to release the smoke.
Just a few steps and it is ready to serve your barbecue party. No matter how clumsy you claim yourself with cooking, you will find this device nowhere close to difficulty. If you are the first time user, do a dry run by coating the insides with oil and run the device for some hours. This will help burn off any manufacturing residue left in the smoker. And do not forget that a propane smoker is very easy to clean too.

2. Available At A Very Reasonable Price

A propane smoker is very affordable and suitable for any type of pocket. The price is usually at around $150 – $180. Some can cost up to $500 if you want a super model and a huge smoking capacity. It is also recommended to purchase a larger model than what you think you may need. But for normal demand, a good model is only $250 or less. This price range is acceptable for a nice barbecue party for the whole family and friends. And moreover, there is no electricity use, hence, no electricity cost.
There are a few tips to save more:
  • If your propane smoker comes with a cast-iron wood pan, which sometimes provide small food containing capacity and also takes quite long to heat up. Hence, it is recommended to use a thinner metal dish instead which remarkably reduces the time taken for heating up.
  • Some propane smokers come with a cover to help the woods burn slower and longer. If you do not have one. A foil will serve as a good replacement. Just poke some holes on it before covering the wood pan.
  • Another tips to save more money if you use wood chips is to soak them into hot water, beer, wine to keep them moist and burnt slower. Water will take longer soaking time while beer and wine takes less.

3. Delicious Taste

Many people may feel worried that a barbecue cooked by gas may not taste as good as by wood. But the flavor is guaranteed, or even better when there is no taste of the heating source on the meat. The wood chips you use in the water pan will give your food a unique and yummy flavor. You can even change the flavor of your meat by using different type of wood chips. Propane burns cleanly, hence, avoids soot deposits on your food. Only the natural smoked meat flavor is left.

4. Constant Tending Not Required

Propane smoker is perfect for those who do not want to spend the whole time watching the cooking process. You do not have to stay around and constantly provide coals or woods like a wood or charcoal smoker. Smoking temperature is easy to maintain at a proper level. You can waive the concern of a power outage, which is often seen in electric smoker, and likely to spoil your food before you realise it. There are not many options of heating variables, so it is easier to adjust the right settings for a perfect barbecue.

5. Portable for Picnic

One more advantage of propane smoker is that they are quite lightweight. A typical one is just 46 inches in height (equivalent to approximately 1.17 meters) and 53 pounds (approximately 24 kilograms), hence, makes it easy enough to be carried to a camp site. Keep in mind that the tank itself is 20 pounds (around 9 kilograms). But the best part is that propane smoker requires no electricity, so you do not have to run around searching for outlet to plug it in. This is great for a nice outdoor camping trip with family and friends.
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