Learn About The Common Types Of Hammocks

Native to South America, the hammock now is the delight of children and adults worldwide. For up to three people for the larger models, it is the best place to enjoy the beautiful days and relaxing moment alone or with family, etc. To learn about the type of hammocks or to know which is the best hammock for you, read below or visit hammock stand expert.

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The Hammock Traditional, For All Tastes

The traditional hammock consists of a cotton canvas and comes in different sizes. Through hooks, it can be settled anywhere, inside or outside. There are also no point of attachment resting on a metal base. Some traditional hammocks end with crossbars wood or iron that maintains the open. Its use requires great stability, attention to the falls!

Canvas or Net?

The hammock Canvas differs from net hammock, by the flexibility of the fibers of nylon or cotton, the shape of the body. And unlike canvas which is declinable in many patterns and colours, the hammock net is not the most aesthetic.

The Hammock Chair, Alternative Leisure

With a single mounting point, this hammock is transformed into a veritable hanging chair. It may be a suspension ring, but can also be a wooden bar, which opens the canvas for comfort. The large size of the canvas allows people to sit cross-legged.

Perfect for reading a book: The hammock chair is an ideal place for people to comfortably practice reading and writing, both indoors and outdoors. Some models are not suspended but are based on a metal chair leg, for greater stability. In both cases, some versions offer a footrest integrated to the canvas.

The Brazilian Hammock, Comfort Comes First

Brazilian hammock consists of a weaving macram?made of cotton yarn. It provides optimal comfort because the cotton yarn is a very soft material and the achievement of macrame has not altered this flexibility. The hammock can be a true object of decoration as weaving macram?allowing infinite colours and patterns.

It is possible to make an order for a single hammock that suits you.

Other Original Hammocks

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The hammock made of parachute silk: The hammock made of parachute silk is ideal equipment for travellers. Solid and compact, it stretches between two trees, can be installed and fit in 2 minutes and does not fear the water like a cotton canvas. Moreover, its fabric is microporous, that is to say, it does not sweat.

The Hammock For Baby

Another original hammock that is increasingly used is the hammock for baby. Adapted to the size of a newborn baby, it consists in addition to cotton fabric of a mattress and a spring which allows a slight movement. They exist with a wooden bar that keeps the walls of the fabric apart to not interfere with breathing of the child, for serene and comfortable naps!

In summary, you can see that there are many types of hammocks, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, being aware of the characteristics of the common types and understanding the needs of yourself as well as the way you want to use a hammock can help you make the right choice.